Last Night with Eddie.

Going on internships is a bitter sweet time for me. I will be interning with the Charlotte Observer in Charlotte, which means I will be gone from my husband 5 days out of the week. I can’t really imagine what it will be like being away from my rock for so long. We have already picked out our meeting place…the only place in between Charlotte and Asheboro on 49…Bojangles or Subway….or McDonalds if we are really desperate. I have a feeling they will know us by name at Subway real soon. It will be sad not to wake up beside this guy every morning. But at the same time I am excited where this experience will take us within the next two months. Already looking forward to reuniting. This was our last night together. We spent it at Dilishi then watched Captain Phillips together. A pretty typical night for us 🙂

Dilishi-2 Dilishi


Chandler: The Longboarder

I helped my friend, Aleece, with photographing senior portraits of a great lad named Alex this weekend in downtown Asheboro. His friend Chandler came along for support and entertainment. Chandler got bored so he grabbed a longboard and tied a shirt around his neck and started skating like a superhero because that’s what boys do. It was fun hanging out with these kids for an afternoon and photographing the beauty of youth.


Scotland County Highland Games

It’s event time in photojournalism now.  I’ve been learning a lot about photographing events for a newspaper. The “formula” includes a wide-angle that sets the scene, a tight face of someone enjoying an event, a medium photo of people engaged, an iconic detail, and a “wild card” of anything else that helps tell the story. Eddie and I went to the Highland Games in Laurenburg, NC this past weekend and it was swizzawesome. Kilts and funnel cake–yeah. We had a history lesson on Clan Leary, which is where the O’Leary’s come from, so that was pretty awesome. It’s nice to get in touch with my roots by marriage. I think we’ve started an O’Leary October tradition.

O'Leary_Event4_A O'Leary_Event4-B O'Leary_Event4-C O'Leary_Event4-D O'Leary_Event4-E

A story of waiting.

Ashley and Scott Mason are an awesome couple here in Asheboro. I work with Ashley at The Table and have gotten to know Scott from him hanging out at the restaurant. Scott and Ashley met each other at a Krispy Kreme 5k race, which led to a Krispy Kreme donuts cake at their wedding. They are two energetic, fun, and incredibly loving people. Unlike the typical married couple in America, Ashley and Scott have been facing immigration issues because Scott is from England. Because the government wants to stop transnational marriages only to gain citizenship, they must go through an intense, long process involving much paperwork, interviews (to ensure their marriage is authentic), and time. They have been in a period of waiting: waiting for their papers to get pushed, waiting for Scott to be able to legally work, waiting to sign a lease without the chance of deportation, waiting for certainty. They are currently living in a house with sketchy plumbing, no working oven, little furniture, and packed away boxes. In exchange of free rent, Scott and Ashley are renovating the house for their friend who is trying to flip it. As the two of them work through a time of uncertainty and learning to simply wait, I hope to capture their unique story within a larger issue of immigration and transnational marriage.



This week’s theme for our photo-a-day project is shadows. I’v been trying to avoid the typical long shadow on the ground photo. I’ve always loved photos where the subject straddles the hot light and the shadows. Shadows create dimension and focus within an image that you just can’t beat. I’ve bombed a few days with awful photos from either lack of time or lack of creativity, but I’m kind of a big fan of this photo.

B.Ball Action.

Looking for a compelling photo to take every day can be challenging. My days can feel pretty repetitive and mundane as a student, as much as I would not like to admit that. I drive down the same roads, stop at the same stop lights, pass by the same fast food restaurants, walk through the same fluorescent-infused hallway, sit down in the same chair, and stare at the same instructor—every day. Much of searching for an interesting photo deals with me trying to break out of my daily landscape and experience something new. Much of looking for a good photograph is also trying to see my world around me in a new way. Here is a visual ode to the beautiful, fleeting moments that I more than often miss.


Ben and Deanne’s wedding: Boone, NC

Ben and Deanne’s wedding was simply beautiful. It was the most ideal wedding for a photographer, but more importantly it was one of the most genuine, sweet, heartfelt weddings I’ve been to. Ben and Deanne are a dream team. Their love for one another runs so deep, and it’s evident the moment you see them together. It was one of the biggest honors being able to photograph their wedding. Here is a little “sneak”, as they say, of their sweet, sweet day. Can’t wait to share more real soon.

edits_web_sneak-1 edits_web_sneak-2 edits_web_sneak-4 edits_web_sneak-5 edits_web_sneak-6


9.11 Memorial

I went to photograph Eastern Randolph High School’s 9.11 memorial this week. It was a beautiful, emotional, heartfelt service. This is Amanda Sheek, left, receiving a plaque in honor of her son, Jacob Levy, a U.S. Marine who died Dec. 10, 2011 at the age of 21 serving in Afghanistan. Jacob graduated from Eastern Randolph High School in 2009. The memorial also honored Sandy Waugh Bradshaw, who was a flight attendant on United Flight 93, which crashed on Sept. 11th in Shanksville, PA, and Christopher Bartkiewicz who died at age 25 in 2008 serving in Iraq. All three honorees were graduates of Eastern Randolph High School.