Last Night with Eddie.

Going on internships is a bitter sweet time for me. I will be interning with the Charlotte Observer in Charlotte, which means I will be gone from my husband 5 days out of the week. I can’t really imagine what it will be like being away from my rock for so long. We have already picked out our meeting place…the only place in between Charlotte and Asheboro on 49…Bojangles or Subway….or McDonalds if we are really desperate. I have a feeling they will know us by name at Subway real soon. It will be sad not to wake up beside this guy every morning. But at the same time I am excited where this experience will take us within the next two months. Already looking forward to reuniting. This was our last night together. We spent it at Dilishi then watched Captain Phillips together. A pretty typical night for us 🙂

Dilishi-2 Dilishi


2013 Awards

I am beyond thrilled to have received Third Place for Best Feature for this year’s NCPPA annual contest and an honorable mention for the Southern Short Course’s Portrait/Personality category! I didn’t expect to win anything, so it’s pretty awesome to walk away with two recognitions. 


3rd place Feature – NCPPA
06ihtbh05Honorable Mention Portrait/Personality – Southern Short Course