JD and Erin Engagement Shoot

Running around Greensboro with JD and Erin was truly the greatest. It is the biggest dream being able to photograph their wedding. I am so honored, truly. JD and Erin are such solid people who love so deeply and are such a joy to be around. I am pretty sure I never stopped laughing during our time together. I am so excited to be photographing their wedding, and what’s so so great is that Eddie will be filming it and we get to work side by side. It’s gonna be the best wedding day. Ever. It is such a privilege to be apart of their day this coming April. But first…here they are engaged. And thanks so much Aleece White for helping me!

JD_Erin_Blog01 JD_Erin_Blog02JD_Erin_Blog29 JD_Erin_Blog03 JD_Erin_Blog04                                              This image is Aleece’s ^^^ Just love.
JD_Erin_Blog05 JD_Erin_Blog06 JD_Erin_Blog07 JD_Erin_Blog08JD_Erin_Blog25 JD_Erin_Blog09 JD_Erin_Blog10 JD_Erin_Blog11 JD_Erin_Blog12 JD_Erin_Blog13 JD_Erin_Blog14 JD_Erin_Blog15 JD_Erin_Blog16 JD_Erin_Blog17 JD_Erin_Blog18AJD_Erin_Blog26                                              These are Aleece’s too. ^^^
JD_Erin_Blog19JD_Erin_Blog28 JD_Erin_Blog20 JD_Erin_Blog21 JD_Erin_Blog22 JD_Erin_Blog23 JD_Erin_Blog24 JD_Erin_Blog27


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