Erin and JD Gravitt are married, married, married!


I don’t even know where to begin with JD and Erin. Their love is effortless, beautiful, and straight from the well of the Lord. I am incredibly thankful to have been apart of such an amazing day. It was hands down one of the best weddings the earth has hosted…so many tears, so much laughter, so much love, and SO much dancing. I mean SO much dancing. It was intense and amazing.

One of the absolute best parts of photographing JD and Erin’s wedding is that I got to do it alongside my husband, Eddie. He filmed it with my brother-in-law, Austin, and my friend Brandi and I photographed it. We were the quad, the power house, the dream team. It was such a blast.

The first time Eddie and I met JD we picked him up and drove down to Charleston to shoot a wedding. It was the best way to get to know JD. He is an incredibly talented cinematographer and Eddie has been so grateful for having such a great friend as his second shooter for the past 2 years. So, JD got to be on the other side this time. Eddie and I were both so honored to be asked to capture JD and Erin’s story. They both have hearts of gold. We will never ever forget this day and how much fun we had capturing it. I can’t wait for everyone to see Eddie’s awesome film when he is done!!!

JD and Erin, Thank you thank you thank you for asking us to capture your beautiful day. It couldn’t have been more perfect. You both have such a beautiful, joy-filled life ahead of you. We love you dearly!

Wedding Venue: Porters Neck Country Club in Wilmington

Videographer: The one and only Bearded Productions

Cake: Martha McRae from The Table 

^^This is Brandi’s photo! So beautiful.


The right photo is Brandi’s. She da best.ERIN_JD32A ERIN_JD33 ERIN_JD34 ERIN_JD35 ERIN_JD36 ERIN_JD37 ERIN_JD38A ERIN_JD39 ERIN_JD40 ERIN_JD41

Brandi captured this awesome moment^^^ERIN_JD42 ERIN_JD43 ERIN_JD44 ERIN_JD45 ERIN_JD46 ERIN_JD47 ERIN_JD48 ERIN_JD49 ERIN_JD50 ERIN_JD51


Last Night with Eddie.

Going on internships is a bitter sweet time for me. I will be interning with the Charlotte Observer in Charlotte, which means I will be gone from my husband 5 days out of the week. I can’t really imagine what it will be like being away from my rock for so long. We have already picked out our meeting place…the only place in between Charlotte and Asheboro on 49…Bojangles or Subway….or McDonalds if we are really desperate. I have a feeling they will know us by name at Subway real soon. It will be sad not to wake up beside this guy every morning. But at the same time I am excited where this experience will take us within the next two months. Already looking forward to reuniting. This was our last night together. We spent it at Dilishi then watched Captain Phillips together. A pretty typical night for us 🙂

Dilishi-2 Dilishi

2013 Awards

I am beyond thrilled to have received Third Place for Best Feature for this year’s NCPPA annual contest and an honorable mention for the Southern Short Course’s Portrait/Personality category! I didn’t expect to win anything, so it’s pretty awesome to walk away with two recognitions. 


3rd place Feature – NCPPA
06ihtbh05Honorable Mention Portrait/Personality – Southern Short Course

Back to photo a day. It’s a necessity. But first there’s: Raccoon Eyes

Eddie and I had a tree hit our house and lost power for a few days during winter wonderland last weekend so we decided to go to my mother-in-law’s office in downtown Greensboro and take advantage of their power to get some editing done. Here is Eddie outside of the office with his raccoon eyes (the beauty of shooting in the middle of the day) and me messing around with a 17mm tilt shift. Below is everyone outside enjoying the sun at my in-law’s house.

IMG_0638 IMG_0685

JD and Erin Engagement Shoot

Running around Greensboro with JD and Erin was truly the greatest. It is the biggest dream being able to photograph their wedding. I am so honored, truly. JD and Erin are such solid people who love so deeply and are such a joy to be around. I am pretty sure I never stopped laughing during our time together. I am so excited to be photographing their wedding, and what’s so so great is that Eddie will be filming it and we get to work side by side. It’s gonna be the best wedding day. Ever. It is such a privilege to be apart of their day this coming April. But first…here they are engaged. And thanks so much Aleece White for helping me!

JD_Erin_Blog01 JD_Erin_Blog02JD_Erin_Blog29 JD_Erin_Blog03 JD_Erin_Blog04                                              This image is Aleece’s ^^^ Just love.
JD_Erin_Blog05 JD_Erin_Blog06 JD_Erin_Blog07 JD_Erin_Blog08JD_Erin_Blog25 JD_Erin_Blog09 JD_Erin_Blog10 JD_Erin_Blog11 JD_Erin_Blog12 JD_Erin_Blog13 JD_Erin_Blog14 JD_Erin_Blog15 JD_Erin_Blog16 JD_Erin_Blog17 JD_Erin_Blog18AJD_Erin_Blog26                                              These are Aleece’s too. ^^^
JD_Erin_Blog19JD_Erin_Blog28 JD_Erin_Blog20 JD_Erin_Blog21 JD_Erin_Blog22 JD_Erin_Blog23 JD_Erin_Blog24 JD_Erin_Blog27

Nothing like downing 5,000 calories and paying $5 to see ” Tiny Tim: the world’s smallest pony”

Oh the NC State Fair. It’s a magnet for every disease under the sun, the kind of people who think a pound of cotton candy in one night is normal, and kids who are somehow able to ride a mechanical bull for 10 minutes straight. With every step I took at the fair this year I could feel myself getting sicker and fatter. The State Fair is endearing, however, in all of its strangeness. I felt like I jumped into a world that hasn’t changed since the 20s. When our world turns to robots and flying cars, we will always be able to count on the State Fair to be running its 100% unsafe ferris wheel from the early 1900s and the greasy men with stained wife beaters serving oversized, hormone-infused chicken legs, only the legs will probably be twice as big. I wonder if everyone has the same moment of shock that I encountered when I went back to the fair 10 years after my childhood and suddenly all of the magic of the State Fair had vanished (except for that $6 Lemonade—now that will always hold its glam). It was so entertaining, though, that I quickly got over my “coming-of-age” moment and enjoyed the peculiarity of the whole affair. 

On the photography side of things: we are still honing in on event photography skills. We are using the five photo design, which includes an overall shot, a tight face, a medium shot of people, a detail, and a “wild card” or whatever I choose to use as my 5th photo. My biggest challenge was finding moments to focus in on within the neon, chaotic whirlwind. I was pretty overwhelmed with the number of potential photos hitting me at all angles and felt hindered by my inability to pick out the best moments or scenes within the event. You live and you learn, though. There will always be a next year.


“The mountains are calling, and I must go.”

I drove to Boone, NC on a whim this past Sunday to visit family and friends and left with my heart so full. Every time I start to see the peeks of the mountains driving in, I wonder how I got myself to move away from them—could have been the worst decision of my life, except for the fact that I’m learning a lot about photography and life in Asheboro, NC right now (right?). I wanted to explore a new park that opened called Rocky Knob Park off of 421 when coming in from the Wilkesboro side, so I took my brother and sister’s dog, Willoughby, there to hike. In the short of it, it is a mountain bike park with mountain bike trails and mountain bikers. Although there are little example hikers illustrated on the trail map, what they did not illustrate is my brother having to snatch up the poor pup before getting trampled on by a biker flying by (he’s tiny). We looked like we were from Blowing Rock, embarrassingly. So although that was an ultimate failure as far as hiking goes, I was able to grab some photos of some bikers on the dirt as we were coming back down from the 10 feet of trail that we cleared. We just decided to go eat doughnuts instead.


Ben and Deanne: Boone, NC

When Ben and Deanne asked me to photograph their wedding I was both deeply honored and a little terrified. Ben is a very talented artist and photographer, so naturally you can see why photographing his wedding can be a little nerve-racking. But Ben and Deanne are so down-to-earth and warm and incredible that photographing their day was stress-free and such a blast. Their wedding was so fun and heartfelt and 100% about relationships and love for one another. It was simply a beautiful day. Eddie and I are so honored to have been a part of their wedding and we are looking forward to getting to know them more as friends now! Thank you so much for letting us be a part of your day. It could not have been more amazing.

Wesemann_Wedding01 Wesemann_Wedding02 Wesemann_Wedding03Wesemann_Wedding04Deanne’s dad gave her brother a hair cut right in the middle of the reception area as they were setting up. It was pretty awesome.
Wesemann_Wedding05 Wesemann_Wedding07 Wesemann_Wedding08 Wesemann_Wedding09 Wesemann_Wedding10 Wesemann_Wedding11Deanne gave Ben “Africa Mist” spray from South Africa (where she’s from).
Wesemann_Wedding12 Wesemann_Wedding13 Wesemann_Wedding14 Wesemann_Wedding15 Wesemann_Wedding16 Wesemann_Wedding17 Wesemann_Wedding18Wesemann_Wedding19 Wesemann_Wedding20 Wesemann_Wedding21 Wesemann_Wedding22 Wesemann_Wedding23 Wesemann_Wedding24 Wesemann_Wedding25 Wesemann_Wedding26 Wesemann_Wedding27 Wesemann_Wedding28 Wesemann_Wedding29 Wesemann_Wedding30 Wesemann_Wedding31Wesemann_Wedding32Wesemann_Wedding33 Wesemann_Wedding34 Wesemann_Wedding35 Wesemann_Wedding36 Wesemann_Wedding37 Wesemann_Wedding38 Wesemann_Wedding39Wesemann_Wedding41Deanne and Ben had their parents, grandparents, and close friends come pray for the during the ceremony. Wesemann_Wedding42Wesemann_Wedding40Wesemann_Wedding43 Wesemann_Wedding44 Wesemann_Wedding45 Wesemann_Wedding46 Wesemann_Wedding47 Wesemann_Wedding48 Wesemann_Wedding49 Wesemann_Wedding50 Wesemann_Wedding51 Wesemann_Wedding52 Wesemann_Wedding53 Wesemann_Wedding54 There is no better place than the Appalachian mountains to get married. It’s true.Wesemann_Wedding55 Wesemann_Wedding56 Wesemann_Wedding57 Wesemann_Wedding58 Wesemann_Wedding59 Wesemann_Wedding60 Wesemann_Wedding61 Wesemann_Wedding62 Wesemann_Wedding63Wesemann_Wedding64 Wesemann_Wedding65 Wesemann_Wedding66 Wesemann_Wedding67 Ben and Deanne’s brothers and sisters gave the most heartfelt yet ridiculously funny speeches. Wesemann_Wedding68 Wesemann_Wedding69 Wesemann_Wedding70 Wesemann_Wedding71 Wesemann_Wedding72 Wesemann_Wedding73 Wesemann_Wedding74 Wesemann_Wedding76

Chandler: The Longboarder

I helped my friend, Aleece, with photographing senior portraits of a great lad named Alex this weekend in downtown Asheboro. His friend Chandler came along for support and entertainment. Chandler got bored so he grabbed a longboard and tied a shirt around his neck and started skating like a superhero because that’s what boys do. It was fun hanging out with these kids for an afternoon and photographing the beauty of youth.